Communications Requests


To get a complete understanding of why we implement these policies please refer to our Branding Guide.


Will 80% of the church be directly participating in the event?




Next steps:

  • Word of mouth
  • Personally distributed invitation
  • Personal social media
  • “Summit Life Church Family” Facebook Group

Things to avoid:

  • Podium Appeal
  • Personally made promotional materials left for mass distribution



Next steps:

  • Pray about it
  • Finalize all of the details
  • Submit in full the form below

Other requirements:

  • Submission is due at least 4-6 weeks before the event (or the campaign launch, if an earlier rollout is requested aside from our default 2 weeks-out timeline)
  • Final approval from the Pastoral Staff and Production Team


Communications Request Form

Is the event fully planned?:

Have you allowed adequate time for the communication process to be accomplished?:

Does the event require registration?:

Will the event cost to attend?:

Will you require the use of the sound system?:

Will you require the use any video screens?:

5 + 7 =


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